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DSR-P 2.0
  • DSR-P 2.0

    DSR-P This useful defense tool is made with state of the art additive manufacturing on the Western Slope of Colorado. It was designed by Ted Valerio for those who needed a tool in non-permissive  environments. The DSR-P is made from a chopped Carbon Fiber/ Nylon material that has a melting point of over 500 degrees and a heat deflection rating of about 300 degrees. It is a strong material that complements the Sharpie (TM) marker it is designed to interface with. The DSR-P comes with a genuine Sharpie (TM) installed and ready for use. 


    It can be transported in a pocket or on a carabiner. With no metal on the tool, your DSR-P can go just about anywhere! Enjoy! FREE SHIPPING

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