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DSR 6044 CF (CQC-8K) (Knife Not Included)
  • DSR 6044 CF (CQC-8K) (Knife Not Included)

    The DSR (Defense Safety Ring) is designed as a product enhancement for the Kershaw/ Emerson CQC (TM) series knives and more specifically the 6044 models (MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH MODEL YOU HAVE :) . You purchase your own 6044, remove a few screws and replace the rear spacer with the DSR 6044 CF. Now your quick deployment knife with the Emerson Wave Feature (TM) is an instant deployment knife with retention and endless possibilities. Made in the United States of America on the Western Slope of Colorado out a strong Chopped Carbon Fiber/ Nylon material.


    DSR 6044 CF  is made with state of the art additive manufacturing on the Western Slope of Colorado. The material has a melting point of over 500 degrees and a heat deflection rating of about 300 degrees. It is ready for duty use.



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